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[1.7.10] TileEntity load event?


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I was just wondering if there is some onLoaded event for Tile Entities that are called AFTER the chunk they are on is loaded?

I have a Tile Entity that needs to be aware of any neighbor TileEntities, and while onNeighborChange works great for detecting TileEntities being placed placed and removed, it does not help with the initial scan on Chunk load.


So far I have looked at:

class constructor - No point, world is not yet loaded.

readFromNBT - World/chunk not yet loaded in most cases.

validate - Called while chunk is loading, so calling getTileEntity causes infinite loop and crash.

onChunkLoad event - Not even close, would be too much work to listen to every Chunk load event and go through every tile entity.



So I'm just doing a final check here. Is there any method or event called on a TileEntity after it and it's chunk has been loaded?(I.e, I can call getTileEntity on it's location)

I see that normal entities has onChunkLoad called on every entity in the chunk, but not TileEntities?


I know I can just use updateEntity() with a flag or something, but I will potentially have thousands of these TileEntities loaded at once, and currently don't have a updateEntity() on them. Would rather try to avoid it.



Thank you for your time =)

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An empty updateEntity doesn't stop it from being called, sure, but returning false in canUpdate() does.

Anyway, I know I'm nitpicking when it comes to performance, and I should just go with the flag option unless I actually am able to measure it as a performance problem, but now I just can't put this down xD


So here's the solution I came up with:

Use a TickHandler with a list of TileEntities that have loaded, but not yet ticket, and call onLoaded or something on them:

private static List<ITileLoadEventListener> tileList = new ArrayList<ITileLoadEventListener>();

public void onServerTick(ServerTickEvent event) {
	if(event.phase == Phase.START)
		for(ITileLoadEventListener listener : tileList)

public static void registerListener(ITileLoadEventListener tile)

Then a Tile Entity can just register itself as interested in an onLoadComplete event by calling registerListener(this) in either it's constructors, readFromNBT or validate().


This way, I only have one method calling every tick, instead of thousands :D

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