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Forge 1.6.4 Server Crash; Server is Dead


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FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4


My server will not start. Out of the blue this happened. No edits were done that I can remember that would have broken the server.


Log: Http://Pastebin.Com/MeC2uDQp


Only Possible Associated Crash Report: Http://Pastebin.Com/UDM6qjeY


I've tried reuploading the mods folder, deleting cauldron.yml, switching to Forge to start, reinstalling Forge, reinstalling Cauldron, made sure file permissions were correct, and have made sure FML essential files are present. I am stuck! I have Googled every possible cause of the error from the Forge log, Crash report, and Server log. I cannot find anything that works.


The error has to be caused by Forge, as I have ran the server with ONLY Forge and it crashes, but with Vanilla Minecraft it is fine. I normally use Cauldron to run the server, which is used to run FML and Bukkit at the same time. I am using Vanilla FML for the sake of fixing this problem.


https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B18KhOjwsuDyUlp6eG1XdTYwSnM/edit This is every possible file you may need to investigate. To be clear, "latest.log" is old. "server.log.2" is new, from the 24th, and was just me testing if vanilla 1.6.4 worked.


I've been to all other possible forums, and none of them could help. This is my last hope. If you would like a link to the other forums I posted on, here:




If you need any additional information, just ask. I hope this gets fixed soon, my community is on the line. Its been down since the 21st.

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