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[1.7.10-] issue in windows


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This was too long to post on cpw's twitter.


If the user libraries (desktop, documents, etc.) are relocated via the windows supported method (properties/location) gradlew places the files in the wrong folder.

Previous versions placed the .gradle folder in "C:\Users\<username>\" but in 1210-new its placed in "F:\User Folders" (where I moved the user libraries)

The new location causes the folder not to be found because its looking in the old place:

Illegal entry in Gradle Dependencies: C:/Users/<username>/.gradle/caches/minecraft/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.7.10-

Illegal entry in Gradle Dependencies: E:/Programs/eclipse/unresolved dependency -  forgeBin 1.7.10-




I deleted both .gradle folders and created a junction point from the old location to the new one, this did not work.

But deleting both folders again and using a junction point to point the new location back to the old one did work (at least to get a usable environment, haven't compiled anything yet)



Mods do correctly build with the junction point relocating the folder back to the proper place.


While junction points are a usable option, I'm sure you don't want to start explaining how to create them to anyone who moved the user libraries.  ;)

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Ok, been playing around with the Item and Block per-world aliasing.


Well I can't get it to work  :-\


The line I'm using : GameRegistry.addSubstitutionAlias("minecraft:tallgrass", GameRegistry.Type.BLOCK, new BlockNewTallGrass());

Note: BlockNewTallGrass extends BlockTallGrass




I replacement : contains my block

I original: contains  net.minecraft.block.BlockTallGrass


No errors are thrown, and the data is added to persistentSubstitutions


In world block, creative inventory, give command, and pick block all give the original.


The only thing that seems to happen is an error "Forge Mod Loader detected that the backup level.dat is being used."

Even on new worlds I get that error.

Removing the substitution also removes the error.





Well with a clear and rested mind I took another crack at replacing blocks.

It does work, it was completely me overlooking a step.


When replacing a block you need to replace the block and replace the item.  ::)

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Good to hear you got it to work! Here I'm still trying - where do you call addSubstitutionAlias() for the block and item? I ask because looking at the code makes me think that substitution needs to happen pre-registration (in Block.registerBlocks) but that's before any mods are loaded. There's always the coremod approach, but it would involve Minecraft objects that are not yet initialized. Any advice? Thanks!

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Can something like this be automated with the new @ObjectHolder annotation? I am still studying this new annotation, and it seems it has something to do with replacements. I wish I had more documentation, though.

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