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1.7.10 Configuration Tutorial [SOLVED]


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I am looking for some tutorials on how to setup a config file.  In particular, I need a config file where a user will enter blocks that should not be used to make an elevator shaft.  Config would be like minecraft:gold_block; minecraft:diamond_block; modid:mod_block.  These values would then be compared to a slot itemstack and if match, set isItemValid(ItemStack stack) to false.

My config file at present looks like this, with the console output added.

# Configuration file

general {


To read the file in, I have

Configuration Config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile());

 		String bandBlocks = Config.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL,"disallowBlocks", "").getString();
 		EVarInit.bandBlocksArray = bandBlocks.split(";");

 		for(int i = 0; i < EVarInit.bandBlocksArray.length; i++){

 		if (Config.hasChanged()){


Where I am running into a problem is comparing the string EVarInit.bandBlockArray with an ItemStack.


EDIT: Solution

No changes made to the config portion.  Here is the code in the isItemValid method

    public boolean isItemValid(ItemStack itemStack)
    	if (itemStack.getItem() instanceof ItemBlock){
    		if (itemStack != null){
    			String str = Item.itemRegistry.getNameForObject(itemStack.getItem());
    			if(itemStack.getHasSubtypes()) str = str + " " + itemStack.getItemDamage();
    				str = str + " " + itemStack.stackTagCompound.toString();
    			for(int ii = 0; ii < EVarInit.bandBlocksArray.length; ii++){ 
    				if (str.equals(EVarInit.bandBlocksArray[ii])){
    					return false;
    			//Hardcode in the removal of diamond block and diamond ore
    			if (itemStack.getItem() == new ItemStack(Blocks.diamond_block).getItem() || itemStack.getItem() == new ItemStack(Blocks.diamond_ore).getItem()){

        		return false;
    		return true;
    	return false;


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