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[1.7.10][Eclipse]Src folder appears in the Package Explorer, but is Empty


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I've been following along with the Basic Modding tutorial on the Forge Wiki and it says the following:


"Eclipse will start with one project "Minecraft" already in its Package Explorer on the left side of the screen. Expand the project, and you will see a source directory named 'src'. Expand it, and you'll see quite a lot of packages that make of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge. While you will not be editing any of these classes, feel free to read these classes to figure out what you can do or to see how Minecraft works. "


I do see the src folder but it is totally empty as far as I can tell. Have a screenshot:


I don't think I'm in the wrong workspace because I can't even see the src folder or the Minecraft folder unless I put it here where the tutorial says. Is this portion of the tutorial outdated?

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i have that src folder too, it's where your mod code is saved (but it will be displayed in your src folders)

to see the vanilla code go to Referenced library's and then to forgeSrc in that file ,that's where you have all your minecraft+forge code is.

(some tutorials don't do "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace" do that one too see the vanilla code)

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You are following an old tutorial for 1.6.4 or below. Follow a 1.7 tutorial. The Minecraft source is now in Referenced Libraries/Forge-src-somenumber.jar and your mod files go in src/main/java


Oops, I saw that the installation tutorial had been updated and I assumed the others had been too :P. Thanks for the catch!

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