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[1.7.2]Increasing movement speed based on a stat[SOLVED]


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Hey so im adding stats that players can have based on items they are wearing and a class that they choose, and one stat is Agility and I want it to increase movement speed.


Now looking at the villager mob I see they have a line called: getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed).setBaseValue(0.5d);


which I think makes them slower, as tests with the player show higher numbers mean moving faster, however putting this into my "setAgility" method just makes the screen seizure as the base value is being set every tick, and my attempts to counter act this fail. So how do I passively increase a players movement speed based on their agility stat, and do so properly?


here is my current code snippet in my extended player class:

public void setAgility(int value)
	this.agility = MathHelper.clamp_int(value + currentClass.getAgi(), -20, 20);
	if (player.getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed).getBaseValue() != 2)
		System.out.println("set speed");			


Now this method is called in the LivingUpdateEvent event so I'm hoping that this effects server and client side, as effects of my other events work when I alter this. Am I just changing the player stat in the wrong place? PS the move speed does work even if the screen is warping in and out I did a test MP and the players zoom around (of course once I fix this the insane test numbers will be handled in a mathHelper.clamp)

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Ok so doing so makes it do it once, however the speed boost doesn't stay.


How can I make it set the players movespeed and be done with it untill the next stat change?


Nvm was setting the speed in the wrong place, aka client side.



ok so to have the speed effect applied one has to leave and reload the world, and changing the stat resets it back to default walk speed..


if (props.getAgility() != (agiMod - props.getClassModifers()[1]))
				 .setBaseValue(MathHelper.clamp_double(SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed.getDefaultValue() + props.getAgility() / 125, 0.45d, 0.7d));



Do I have to use a command to refresh the player?

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Walking speed is defined in net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerCapabilities and it's pretty useful and is normally saved with the player data.

    public void writeCapabilitiesToNBT(NBTTagCompound p_75091_1_)
        NBTTagCompound nbttagcompound1 = new NBTTagCompound();
        nbttagcompound1.setBoolean("invulnerable", this.disableDamage);
        nbttagcompound1.setBoolean("flying", this.isFlying);
        nbttagcompound1.setBoolean("mayfly", this.allowFlying);
        nbttagcompound1.setBoolean("instabuild", this.isCreativeMode);
        nbttagcompound1.setBoolean("mayBuild", this.allowEdit);
        nbttagcompound1.setFloat("flySpeed", this.flySpeed);
        nbttagcompound1.setFloat("walkSpeed", this.walkSpeed);
        p_75091_1_.setTag("abilities", nbttagcompound1);

    public void readCapabilitiesFromNBT(NBTTagCompound p_75095_1_)
        if (p_75095_1_.hasKey("abilities", 10))
            NBTTagCompound nbttagcompound1 = p_75095_1_.getCompoundTag("abilities");
            this.disableDamage = nbttagcompound1.getBoolean("invulnerable");
            this.isFlying = nbttagcompound1.getBoolean("flying");
            this.allowFlying = nbttagcompound1.getBoolean("mayfly");
            this.isCreativeMode = nbttagcompound1.getBoolean("instabuild");

            if (nbttagcompound1.hasKey("flySpeed", 99))
                this.flySpeed = nbttagcompound1.getFloat("flySpeed");
                this.walkSpeed = nbttagcompound1.getFloat("walkSpeed");

            if (nbttagcompound1.hasKey("mayBuild", 1))
                this.allowEdit = nbttagcompound1.getBoolean("mayBuild");

You can use PlayerCapabilities#setPlayerWalkSpeed(float speed), but you have to make sure to do it on both sides (for agreement). OnLivingUpdate will set attributes accordingly. These are saved automagicly.


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    • How did you manage to get it working?
    • Hi Everyone! I was playing in modded singleplayer, and suddenly mobs stopped moving, I couldn't hit them, basically I could do things but nothing happened, like destroying blocks didn't drop it, things like that. When I tried to quit and save my world, it was just writing Saving World but nothing happened, and eventually I always had to restart my computer to stop minecraft. Can someone please help me find out what could cause the issue? Here is my debug log: https://pastebin.com/X9F0M9sq This is not the complete debug log, I was pasting the last couple of hundreds of rows because of the size. In case it's needed, I will repaste rows earlier. Thank you very much in advance!  
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