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[1.7.10]How can I replace a block with air and not have the inventory dropped


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Hey everyone, I have been searching around for a good hour now and I can't find this definitively answered. If I missed it please just point me to the correct post.


So I am trying to call world.setBlock to replace a block with air and everything works on normal blocks However, on blocks that extend IContainer the inventory is dropped as well. Is there a way to prevent this?


Looking at the source for setBlock it can take flags and it looks like 1 is what will update the block being replaced. But it seems like no matter what flag I pass in it still happens. I have tried 0 (which looking at the code and debugging through doesn't make a call to `notifyBlockChange` or `markBlockForUpdate` but it still happens.


Anyway, am I overlooking something? Is there a way to make a block not drop its inventory when being "broken"? I am ok with just deleting the items that are in there but I don't see an obvious way of doing it.

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I'm not seeing anything in EntityItem that would accomplish what I am trying to do. Maybe I overlooked something?


Plus that is just for entities. Really I need to either just delete the inventory from anything that extends IInventory.




edit...oh wait  Are you saying to get all entities AFTER they have been dropped and just set them to dead? hmm..sounds like that could be risky and I might accidentally delete any item that just happened to be on the ground around the block :/

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