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Buckets In Slots Problem [UNSOLVED] [1.7.10]


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Sorry to bother you again.


I have come across another problem, I am trying to make a method that allows me to fill an empty bucket from a tank in an inventory, and visa versa, fill an empty tank or a tank that has the same liquid as the bucket, from a bucket in a slot and return an empty bucket.


These are the methods so far; the fill tank from bucket kind of works, and the fill bucket from tank doesn't work.



Fill tank from bucket.

        public void fillTankFromContainer(FluidTank tank, int slot) {
	ItemStack container = this.getStackInSlot(slot);

	if (container != null) {
		if (FluidContainerRegistry.isFilledContainer(container)) {

			FluidStack fluid = FluidContainerRegistry.getFluidForFilledItem(container);
			if (fluid != null) {

				tank.fill(fluid, true);


And I am calling this method like:

this.fillTankFromContainer(tankOutput1, 0);

in the updateEntity() method to fill tankOutput1 from a bucket in slot 0.


Now the problem with this one that I cant figure out is that when I put the bucket in the slot, the bucket fills the tank, but doesn't empty, so what I mean is that the bucket keeps filling the tank until it is full, and the bucket of liquid stays in the slot. It does put 1000mB in at a time though, so that is good.


My second method; fill bucket from tank:

        public void fillContainerFromTank(FluidTank tank, int slot) {

	ItemStack container = this.getStackInSlot(slot);
	FluidStack fluid = tank.getFluid();

	if (fluid != null && container != null) {
		if (FluidContainerRegistry.isEmptyContainer(container)) {

			FluidContainerRegistry.fillFluidContainer(fluid, container);
			tank.drain(FluidContainerRegistry.getContainerCapacity(container), true);

And I am calling this method like:

this.fillContainerFromTank(tankOutput1, 0);

in the updateEntity() method to fill the bucket in slot 0 from tankOutput1


Now this doesn't work what soever. I put an empty bucket in, and absolutely nothing happens. I have no idea why.




I don't know why this isn't working. Is there something obvious that I have missed? or is this the complete wrong way to do this, or is there even a right or wrong way to do this?


Thanks for your help in advance.

I ask complicated questions, and apparently like to write really long detailed posts. But I also help others when I can.

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First problem, you never update the slot you have the container in. Try putting the return of drainFluidContainer(container) /* the now empty container */ into the slot selected after the call.


This method ...

FluidContainerRegistry.fillFluidContainer(fluid, container);

... returns the ItemStack when successful, or null on failure. You ignore the results, hence it does not do what you expect.

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