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[1.7.X.]Using a Block as Fuel


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First off, I know how to code java so do not tell me to "go learn java" this should be exemplified in my code.


My problem is simply how do I use a block as a furnace fuel? I came across the problem while making my core mod and thought I could find the answer here.


So, this is the corresponding code but it registers items as furnace fuel:


public class VinillaItemFurnaceFuelHandler implements IFuelHandler{

public static HashMap<Item, Integer> FurnaceFuel = new HashMap<Item, Integer>();

public static void RegisterFurnaceFuel(Item fuel, Integer burnTime){

	FurnaceFuel.put(fuel, burnTime);
public int getBurnTime(ItemStack fuel) {

	Item ItemInFuelSlot = fuel.getItem();
	Integer BurnTime = FurnaceFuel.get(ItemInFuelSlot);

	if (BurnTime == null){
		return 0;
	} else return BurnTime;	


Now I predict my problem with the upcoming code is I do not know how to get a Block for an ItemStack so if you know how to do so please say.


public class VinillaItemFurnaceFuelHandler implements IFuelHandler{

public static HashMap<Item, Integer> FurnaceFuel = new HashMap<Item, Integer>();

public static void RegisterFurnaceFuel(Item fuel, Integer burnTime){

	FurnaceFuel.put(fuel, burnTime);

public int getBurnTime(ItemStack fuel) {
	 //Here forward I am confused and do not know what to do
	Item ItemInFuelSlot = fuel.getItem(); //I need to get the Block
	Integer BurnTime = FurnaceFuel.get(ItemInFuelSlot);

                //Here forward I am not confused

	if (BurnTime == null){
		return 0;
	} else return BurnTime;	


Thank You In Advanced,


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Perhaps I can help. I've created my own class(Which so happens is also called 'FurnaceFuel') and I use it to make blocks and items burnable in a furnace all the time. Here's my FurnaceFuel class, and then below that the code in one of my block classes that adds itself as a burnable item:




package com.gmail.br45entei.main;


import java.util.Map;

import java.util.HashMap;


import net.minecraft.init.Blocks;

import net.minecraft.init.Items;

import net.minecraft.item.Item;

import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.IFuelHandler;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry;


/**@author Brian_Entei */

public class FurnaceFuel implements IFuelHandler {


public FurnaceFuel() {Main.logger.info(Main.modLogger, "FurnaceFuel Test");}


public void initialize() {

/*Wooden Slabs - 150

Anything made out of wood - 300

Wooden Tools - 200

Sticks - 100

Coal - 1600

Lava Bucket - 20000

Sapling - 100

Blaze Rod - 2400*/

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wooden_slab), 150);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.chest), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.crafting_table), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.dark_oak_stairs), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.double_wooden_slab), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.fence), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.fence_gate), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.jungle_stairs), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.ladder), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.log), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.log2), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.oak_stairs), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.piston_head), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.planks), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.sapling), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.torch), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.tnt), 100000);//XD lol it's going to exploooode! xD

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.trapdoor), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.trapped_chest), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wall_sign), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.web), 75);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wooden_button), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wooden_door), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wooden_pressure_plate), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wooden_slab), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.wool), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.blaze_powder), 1250);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.blaze_rod), 2400);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.bowl), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.coal), 1600);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.filled_map), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.map), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.fishing_rod), 150);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.lava_bucket), 20000);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.lead), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.leather), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.leather_boots), 310);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.leather_chestplate), 450);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.leather_helmet), 320);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.leather_leggings), 360);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.magma_cream), 1200);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.name_tag), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.nether_star), 60000);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.painting), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.saddle), 500);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.sign), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.stick), 100);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.string), 50);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wheat), 75);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wheat_seeds), 10);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wooden_axe), 200);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wooden_door), 300);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wooden_hoe), 200);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wooden_pickaxe), 200);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wooden_shovel), 200);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.wooden_sword), 200);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.writable_book), 75);

addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(Items.written_book), 80);







private static Map<ItemStack, Integer> customBurnableItems = new HashMap<ItemStack, Integer>();

public static void addBurnableItem(ItemStack item, int burnTime) {

customBurnableItems.put(item, Integer.valueOf(burnTime));



public static void removeBurnableItem(ItemStack item) {





public int getBurnTime(ItemStack item) {

Item fuel = item.getItem();

int fuelID = Item.getIdFromItem(fuel);

for(Map.Entry<ItemStack, Integer> entry : FurnaceFuel.customBurnableItems.entrySet()) {

Item curItem = entry.getKey().getItem();


int burnTime = entry.getValue();

if(fuelID == Item.getIdFromItem(curItem)) {

return burnTime;



return 0;










public BlockModBaseBlockMultiTextured setCanBeFurnaceFuel(boolean canBeFurnaceFuel, int burnTime) {

if(canBeFurnaceFuel) {

FurnaceFuel.addBurnableItem(new ItemStack(this), burnTime);

this.burnTime = burnTime;

} else {

FurnaceFuel.removeBurnableItem(new ItemStack(this));

this.burnTime = 0;


this.canBeFurnaceFuel = canBeFurnaceFuel;

return this;





However, I think that my code won't really help you as it looks like you need a block from an itemstack. You can do that like so:


Block yourBlock = Block.getBlockFromItem(someItemStack.getItem());


I hope this helps :)

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implement IFuelHandler in your block class and create the method "int getBurnTime(ItemStack stack)". The register the block as a Fuel Handler with: GameRegistry.registerFuelHandler( MyBlocks.myFuelBlock );

Of course, replace the argument with your own block instance.


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