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[1.7.10]Custom Models used for World Generation


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Hey everyone!


So awhile back I started making a mod called Liquid Dynamics centered around doing more with ocean biomes and water in general. I've decided to revisit it, but one concern another modder voiced to me was world generation with custom models, which is something I intended with coral. He had stated this could cause massive lag during world gen, and that it should be avoided at all times. I also saw something similar in personal experience with the mod XYCraft, and its infamous XYCrystals.


Is this still a concern? Would 1.8's new rendering code fix it? Who REALLY shot JFK? :P

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A TileEntitySpecialRenderer (TESR) can only be used to render a TileEntity, and can use Techne models like normal Entities. An ISimpleBlockRenderingHandler renders a Block with the Tesselator. These are more difficult (as they require using the Tesselator), and are what will likely be replaced in 1.8.

Check out my mod, Realms of Chaos, here.


If I helped you, be sure to press the "Thank You" button!

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