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[1.7.x] Replace part of multiblock of with new block


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I got a kind of weird issue. The mod has a blocked called "chisel:sandstone" with metadata blocks 1-15. A patch of mine removes the blocks with metadata 1 and 2.

On loading an old savegame, I would like to replace "chisel:chisel.tile.sandstone:1" (block "chisel.tile.sandstone", metadata 1) with "minecraft:sandstone:1" ("Smooth Sandstone"). But I also want to keep the "chisel:chisel.tile.sandstone" metadata blocks 3-15.


How would I do that? I tried "GameDataManipulator.replaceItem(arg0, arg1);" without success and I don't really have a clue on how to achieve that.


In case someone needs the code: https://github.com/Pokefenn/Chisel/blob/master/src/main/java/info/jbcs/minecraft/chisel/ChiselBlocks.java

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That doesn't sound like a good option for a mod.


Is it at least possible to check if this block already exists in the savegame? I could add the deprecated metadata 1,2 if an old savegame is loaded and don't initialise them if the mod wasn't present on this save before (on a new world).

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Parsing the level.dat would give you that information. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.


If I understand aright, you don't think there is anything wrong with a manual search&replace.

How would I achieve that? I guess I have to catch the "FMLServerAboutToStartEvent", find the world file, search all chunks for appearances of the block + search all inventories for appearances of its item and replace all of them? What are the methods I can use to load the world, get my mod info and replace items?


Something along the way

public void preServerStart(FMLServerAboutToStartEvent event) {
	for(int i = 0; i<event.getServer().worldServers.length; i++) {
		for(x) {
			for(y) {
				for(z) {
					block = event.getServer().worldServers[1].getBlock(x, y, z);
					if( block == badblock)
						event.getServer().worldServers[1].setBlock(x, y, z, goodblock);

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If I get this right, then this will be execute every single time a chunk is loaded.

I only want to remove the block from savegames which have version "<= 1.5.6" and don't care about it in later versions of the mod. As far as I understand, I would put unnecessary load on the server if I catch and work with the ChunkLoadEvent.


I tried to mess around with FMLServerStartingEvent, but I can only find loaded tiles and not every tile. I am pretty new to modding, so I would appreciate some more concrete pointers :)

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Yeah, it seemed quite ugly to me too.

I decided the whole idea is much too much hassle for a non-critical bug.


In which event would I try to figure out the version of my mod in the savegame? I could then add give those metadata blocks a texture and add a compatbility recipe to convert them to the proper blocks.

I guess I can also put a flag in the savegame such that I can load those textures/compatibility recipes again during the next loading. How would I do that?

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The easiest way would be to add a flag to all new chunks *now* and whenever you encounter a chunk without that flag you know that that chunk is still on the old version.


What's so bad on doing it during loading a savegame? It does feel pretty wrong to add a recipe when loading a chunk.

Is there really no way to put a flag independent on chunks?

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Well, if it's for a recipe, you can put the marker on the whole world.


Like I asked before. "How?"

Also: "In which event would I try to figure out the version of my mod in the savegame?"


In which event would I try to figure out the version of my mod in the savegame?

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