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Selectively remove recipe


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Just wondering if anyone knows/has any ideas on how one would be able to selectively remove a crafting recipe, either per player, or per permission or something.


It may not even be possible, I just couldn't come up with anything in the first few moments before I 'm leaving for bed.


This is all spawning from the inability to track when people craft, and therefore inability to limit what people can craft.

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This does get tricky, since crafting benches are a shared block and many players can craft in it at once. It makes sense then to use the SlotCrafting instance, since that is the one slot that each player gets his own distinct copy of. I have yet to try this, but having several people try to craft the same item at once would only give it to the first player who clicked that output slot, right?

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removing recipes is easy


oops no recipes


however this isnt what you want to do,


first copy all the recipes into your own list , then clear the origonal

create and add your own IRecipe that checks against the recipes in your list and also check other conditions


if you want to only control specific recipes you can selectively remove them instead of clearing the whole list

however some recipes dont give an output correctly until the input is set with matches() (fireworks is an example, leather armor coloring is another)


the really complex part is trying to keep server-side and client-side in sync with one another



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