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[Alpha] MCAnimator | create models, animate them and paint your texture!


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MCAnimator Alpha 1.0


We have just released a prerelease to let you play with this awesome model editor and to show you all the features we have already added in. In this version you won't be able to export the models into Minecraft (we are still working on it), but you can import all the models from Techne and obviously save all your projects to finish them later.


Download the prerelease at the MinecraftForum topic: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/2187221-alpha-mcanimator-already-1000-downloads-create

How to use: extract the directory anywhere and double click the .jar file. You need Java 7.




Forget Techne and all its bugs and limitations!


MCAnimatoris a new free editor that let you create your own Minecraft models and animate them without knowing how to code.


Similar to Techne graphic, but completely made in Java for a perfect compatibility with all the computers, the MCAnimator will make your life a lot easier.







    - Create Minecraft models

    - Set each box position, offset, rotation, textureOffset, mirrorTexture

    - Create parent-child boxes (connected boxes using "joints")

    - Move and set easily the TextureMaps position

    - Paint on the textureMap and see the result immediately on the model

    - Create infinte animations for your model and watch the preview whenever you need it

    - Import Techne models!

    - Open and save .mca files

    - Fly around your model

    - Export the TextureMap

    - Create new empty textures

    - Copy and paste keyframe values

    - (Work in progress) Exporter: export your models for any Minecraft version!

    - Much more!



Please check the official topic.


We will soon create an official website and many tutorials to help you creating awesome models for your mods!


Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDragonStudios

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