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[1.7.10] Mod Help Request


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Hello Everybody


TL;DR: I want to find some people who want to assist me in my mod creation


For Others: I am creating a new mod, which is designed to enhance the early vanilla feeling, and meant to progressively introduce the player to many common tech mod mechanics (for example ore doubling). I want the player to play vanilla and then bit by bit wanders out to the modded world of wonders. Of course this means that I need to tie some loose ends in vanilla Minecraft that bothers me a bit (punching wood? torch/sand exploit? etc.)

As this is a big thing to handle myself I would be really glad for someone to join me.

Who I am interested in:

  • For Beginner modders
    • someone who want to learn (I'm a beginner / intermediate at modding, but not bad at programming), so we can learn together
    • someone who like the idea and want to help


    [*] For Skilled modders

    • someone who want to mod, but don't know what
    • someone who like the idea and want to help
    • someone who can be of assistance if we need something
    • who likes prototyping our crazy ideas

    [*] For Artists

    • someone who like to draw textures for us
    • someone who like to create models (for example in Techne)

    [*] For Anyone

    • someone who is interested, and want to talk with me about the ideas in mod, and maybe propose more ideas.


If you didn't find yourself in that list, but want to be involved anyway, contact me anyway, we will definitely find something :)

Don't be shy ;)


P.S: If this post is not in the right section, feel free to move it. (But I think this is considered a modder support :) )

P.P.S: I hope that I find someone, because I don't know anybody who is willing to mod minecraft yet :(

I come here to ask only after several hours of struggling, forum browsing and googling. Please be kind :)

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I'd be happy to contribute, but I cannot be dedicated to join a team, I don't I would be able to stay active enough, but when you get this started, be sure to make a GitHub repo for this mod and I can submit a few pull requests whenever I feel :) If you want to get in touch with me, pm me on here


~Shaun O'Neill (XeliteXirish)

View my website at -> http://www.xelitexirish.com/

You can nearly always contact me on my twitter (XeliteXirish)

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