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[1.7.10] Applied Energistics 2: making cable connector


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Hi again!


I'm now in process of providing support for several types of TE's in my linking block. The idea is, we have two blocks, in different positions and possibly in different dimensions. At example, we put some pipe on the north side of 1st linker, and on the south side of 2nd linker, and two pipes connect like they're adjacent. Sort of.


So, can anyone please provide some insight on what interfaces should I implement to make ME cables work, i.e. create valid network? I suspect it's somehow related to appeng.me.helpers.IGridProxyable.



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I hate to be this guy but:

We are not a support forum for various mods. I have a ChickenBones (Forge) Multipart Tutorial even though it is not a part of forge but only because many people asked for it. You should probably take a look at it since most of AE uses CB(F)MP.

If you want to learn how to deal with other mods look for Library's / API's of those mods or Github repos as you probably did.

Whenever you don't understand something write a message to the mod Author for instance on the Minecraft Forums. Most of them are very helpful when your request is serious // Not: "Please teach me how to java"...


Good luck,

- Busti

PM's regarding modding questions should belong in the Modder Support sub-forum and won't be answered.

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