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  1. Tags would also allow for easier searching of the forums. If one were to search for an issue in a specific version, they could filter the search results for that version's tag and might find satisfying results more easily. Tags could even be forced on certain boards, which I think would increase the overall post quality. But that might depend on how advanced the tagging feature is in this forum implementation. The documentation of this forums software states that a minimum required tag count can be set, but I do not know if it can be limited to a specific board / if certain tags c
  2. The thing is, posts like that in General Discussion get drowned rather easily and I would like to avoid bumping them. The people in charge might not be online all the time, so it might need to stay up for a while before it get's read. I guess the "Suggestions" board is a bit better allthough it is also not indented to be used for something like that.
  3. Are mappings privided by forge or are they supplied by mojang? In case the mappings are supplied by forge / any other open source project: How do I contribute? Also, wasn't there some talk about mojang wanting to open source the mappings? Whatever happened to that? In case the mappings are supplied by mojang: Why are there so many unnamed fields? The Questions are mutually exclusive. Only one point can be answered. ?
  4. You need to add your block to the layer lookup table. Run something like this after registering your block. if (FMLEnvironment.dist == Dist.CLIENT) { RenderTypeLookup.setRenderLayer(yourBlock, RenderType.CUTOUT); }
  5. @DragonITA because that will bring you into a problematic situation regarding the copyright of the game.
  6. Then do not cancel the player model render. Just make your own boxes and render them using the provided renderer.
  7. You can for example look at PlayerRenderer and see what methods it provides. For example it has a method called getEntityModel which looks interesting.
  8. They are subscribing to an event and the event is never called. That is an error that lies in the subscription, IMO and not in the code that is being executed. They could also place a println in their subscriber to see if the subscription worked. I have previously experienced relatively unpredictable behaviour when using @Mod.EventBusSubscriber on a top-level class. For some event types it works, for some it won't. DeferredRegister is a lot better than the annotation system IMO, it feels a lot less finicky. But it might be more complicated for new users, who do not have any FP experi
  9. This is likely because the alpha channel in your texture is not set-up properly, or because you did not enable transparency in model. Are you using a custom renderer, or are you using a model.json file for this? Please post the code of these files.
  10. @Ugdhar Thanks for your feedback! I made this, because I find that the dark forum-native highlighting is not very well optimized. I used this post to test some changes I have made to the css and I have now submitted a Pull Request to have the changes applied to the forum here: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Web/pull/5 The title is partially based on this famous reddit post, which was once the most upvoted post there, but I also wrote title that because this post is not really all that important and should be ignored https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/92dd8/test_post_plea
  11. RenderPlayerEvent gives you access to the following fields: public PlayerRenderer getRenderer() public float getPartialRenderTick() public MatrixStack getMatrixStack() public IRenderTypeBuffer getBuffers() public int getLight() These should be more than enough to do your own rendering. Using these is basically the same as any other custom entity renderer.
  12. This is likely because the annotation cannot find / generate an instance of your class. Try to use an inner static class instead. Like this: public class DataGenerators { @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) public static class GatherDataSubscriber { @SubscribeEvent public static void gatherData(GatherDataEvent event) { DataGenerator generator = event.getGenerator(); if (event.includeServer()) { generator.addProvider(new Recipes(generator)); generator.addProvider(new Loot
  13. @DaemonUmbraThank you, I have submitted a PR. However there are other things that I'd like to request that do not belong anywhere. Where should I put those?
  14. IntelliJ Paste Light: object Test extends App { val string_literal: String = "heck" val numeric_literal: Int = 123; val xml_literal = <html> <a href="test"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet </a> </html> type A_TYPE = Seq[String] /** * A comment... */ def a_function(): A_TYPE = { return "foo" + string_literal; } } IntelliJ Paste Dark: object Test extends App { val string_literal: String = "heck" val numeric_literal: Int = 123; val xml_literal = <html> <a href="test"> Lore
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