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How to use the Thaumcraft API for 1.6.4?


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Hello everyone! I am currently in the process of writing a mod that lets you dump the aspects of every item in the game into a text file based on some code of Vazkii. I got it working for 1.7, but I am currently trying to backport it to 1.6.4 and it is giving me some problems.


The first one here is that I am not used to this way of setting up my Forge environment. I got it working to the point where I can open up and modify the Minecraft code and also have the FML available to me. The problem here is that I need access to MinecraftForge, as the Thaumcraft API imports some things from there; I am not completely sure I did everything correctly (I downloaded the Forge source, changed the hash for the server in that one file so it doesn't throw errors at me, startet install.cmd and then opened the fml\eclipse workspace in Eclipse).


The second problem is that every time I import MinecraftForge from the main directory, it gives me errors about accessing methods and attributes in the normal Minecraft code that apparently don't exist.


How can I fix all of that?


Also, it would be nice to know if I understood the rest correctly - after I wrote my mod and it runs without problems, I just have to recompile and then reobfuscate the code using the bat files in the mcp directory, right?


Thank you in advance!


Btw, this is the version of the Thaumcraft API I am using: https://github.com/Azanor/thaumcraft-api/tree/4c7ac43fde35e011b99ec299381abc873d2a655d

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I am aware of that, but I am specifically doing this because a reddit user asked me to - he wants to export the aspect data for all big mod packs, and well, why not? It is not like I am making a big mod that takes hours and hours upon time, and for this little utility it's worth it.

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