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A world gen eclipse error


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So I've been following quite a few tutorials for how things hook up together. I have the mod foundation in place, the ores setup, etc. I want to get it to do the ore generation so I created that class.


The following line gives an eclipse error, saying that the blockID saying "It can not make a static reference to a non-static field."


I have checked 3 different tutorials and how to's and they all list doing the ore generation this way. I've compared my ore classes to the same 3 and beyond minor differences of overriding step sounds etc... it seems to match up. So I'm a bit puzzled... I think I've been eye balling this to long... so if anyone has a suggestion or thought... that would be good. Eclipse is suggesting I modify the base block class but that would be a bad idea IMHO :) That and I don't actually think it will fix the problem.



The line the eclipse doesn't like:

(new WorldGenMinable(triad.common.AluminumOre.blockID, 10)).generate(world,random, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord);


Thanks for any assistance I'm going to continue poking at it as is my nature to figure out what may be different in how I implemented this from the examples. Blowing off years of rust on my Java programming skills as been interesting to say the least :)

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Thanks for the response and I was about to do that. However, I figured out my problem. I was incorrectly pointing to the wrong object... and I mistakenly thought it was looking for a reference within the package... and not the actual base mod class itself. 


I needed to do the following instead: (new WorldGenMinable(Triad.aluminumOre.blockID, 10)).generate(world,random, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord);


Thanks for responding though!

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