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[1.7.10][Solved]I want to include an XP storing block or chest in my mod.


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I found some online, but the only one's I've seen are for forge versions under 1.7 (I did find this one for 1.7.2: XP Storage Chest, but when I used it, it glitched and said it had a large negative number of experience). If anyone knows a mod like that for 1.7 can you post a link. If not, I saw these two tutorials: Containers and GUI and Basic GUI. I don't want to make a GUI open when pressing a key, but I'm not making a block that stores items, only experience, which tutorial do I follow or do I follow the gui container tutorial, but use "extends GuiScreen" instead, or do some other approach.

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What exactly do you mean "stores XP"?  Do you want to be able to put XP orbs in and take it them out somehow?  Or do you mean you just want it to display the player's current XP?

A block that you store experience (the experience you use for enchanting), not the orbs entities itself, but the number. So you can place an amount in it, and take it out later.
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You can make a simple system:

left click the block for taking xp.

right click the block for storing xp,


this is very easy.

I thought about making it so you click for storing and taking xp, if I do that I want the xp to be displayed on the entity though, I found a link on how to display names, so I'll give it a try. Thanks.

Just leave out the inventory part. Pretty much all you need is a GuiHandler and a GuiScreen.

If non GUI idea doesn't work out then I'll use GuiHandler and GuiScreen and leave out the inventory then. Thanks.

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