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Gradle doesn't download Forge libraries


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First off, I'm very new to Gradle so if I misunderstand how it should work, please forgive and correct me. So, as the title states, when I try to setup my Intellij workspace with

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

it seems to run normal with no errors, however, it doesn't download the Forge or Minecraft libraries that I think should be downloaded.

I decided to do a little testing and found that on my desktop(windows pc), the command runs perfectly, and all the files are downloaded. However, on my laptop(mac) the files are not downloaded. I'm not sure if this difference in computer is the cause, or if it is something else. The output of the command is this:



Powered By MCP:           


Searge, ProfMobius, Fesh0r,

R4wk, ZeuX, IngisKahn, bspkrs

MCP Data version : unknown


:extractMcpData UP-TO-DATE                                                     


:extractUserDev UP-TO-DATE                                                         

:genSrgs SKIPPED       

:extractNatives UP-TO-DATE                                                 




warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6

1 warning                 

:downloadMcpTools UP-TO-DATE     

:downloadClient SKIPPED       

:downloadServer SKIPPED       

:mergeJars SKIPPED       

:deobfuscateJar SKIPPED       

:decompile SKIPPED       

:processSources SKIPPED       

:remapJar SKIPPED       

:extractMinecraftSrc SKIPPED       

:recompMinecraft SKIPPED       

:repackMinecraft SKIPPED       





Total time: 19.492 secs



I can also provide any other needed information, as I wasn't sure exactly what would be necessary.

All help is appreciated!

Thanks!  :D

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Ah, of course, I misunderstood you. Thanks! I now see that I may have asked my question incorrectly. The reason I need the libraries is so I can link them to my Intellij workspace so I can actually program using Forge. At the moment, the libraries aren't linked to Intellij like they should be. I at first thought this was because gradle was not downloading the files altogether, however I now see that this is not the case. Have I done something else incorrectly?

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