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[1.7.2] How to make a block drop a random item on right click and it destroys


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Well for the random items you should do something like:


int[] itemList = new int[20]; //amount of random items

itemList[0] = MainModClass.randomItem1;

itemList[1] = MainModClass.randomItem2;

itemList[2] = MainModClass.randomItem3;



Then you would want a random thingy.

Random rand = new Random();

int randomInt = rand.nextInt(20); //amount of random items


Then in the getItemDropped() method you return:




So it would be:

public void getItemDropped(PARAMS HERE) {

return itemList[randomInt];



This SHOULD work, not 100% cause I didn't test it




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Well... he's here to learn, not to copy-paste ready code..


Also, what are you talking about?

itemList should have been a List<Item>, or an item array.. whereas obviously for the random part you need the randomInt as an integer... you might have gotten that wrong..

I try my best, so apologies if I said something obviously stupid!

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A) an int still works and you need it for the random generating part

thats NOT how you use an array :D

B) he is using a block so the getItemDropped works.

OP said on right click.


Too the actual problem

I have been wondering how to make a crate and on right click it drops a random item from my mod and the crate disapears? Please respond back. Thank you!

I guess the crate is a block?


There's the method

 public boolean onBlockActivated(World world, int x, int y, int z, EntityPlayer player, int p_149727_6_, float p_149727_7_, float p_149727_8_, float p_149727_9_){}

you want to override in your Crate class,

There you can do your operations

I personally would create an Item Array (a list is probably somewhat smarter)

generate a random number

spawn a EntityItem in the world with yourItemArray[yourRandomNumber]

then say world.setBlockToAir(x, y, z);

and there you go

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