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Temporary world


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So yeah title says it, how do i go about creating a temporary world?

my goal is to create RPG instance system but i dont know how to world handling would be for that.


My idea was to create a world with a certain id and store it in the player's data, when the player enters a instance.

And that the world will be "deleted" when the player leaves the world.


Any thoughts on how i would acomplish this?

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Sorry should have been more clear.


RPG Dungeon system ;)

Like when a party enters a dungeon it creates an dungeon specified to that party so only party members can join that instance of the dungeon.


World at Warcraft dungeons for example,

maybe i should have said dungeons in the first place...

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But you could still run out of dungeons(sooner or later) :P

I believe that something like mystcraft would be a better solution "procedural dungeon-dim generation" :P.

This could also solve some compatibility problems. Imagine someone develops a mod with diseases and other highly dangerous things that are capable of destroying an entire dimension in a few minutes. (Believe me, some totally crazy modders actually add stuff like that to their mods)


Maybe you should try to get the source code of the Aether 2 mod. I believe they have a dungeon system that fits your needs.

Here could be your advertisement!

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