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[1.7.10] [SOLVED] custom block step/break sound


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I'm looking for a way to add custom step/break sounds to blocks. Been searching around for a bit, and I will continue searching and trying things.


How would I go about this?





Alright, it's recognizing my sound.json and no longer throwing syntax errors (I can thank my time as a Starbound modder for that), and it's complaining about a missing sound event, so now I'm looking into sound events.



Alright, so I've got my SoundEvent handler set up and registered, and my current approach is to intercept calls to step.squish (the sound), cancel the event to keep the console from complaining, and manually play the sound.



Of course, the event is not cancelable. -_- So now I have to figure out how to suppress the warning as well, which is in SoundManager.


After much snooping, I looked into adding the sound to the SoundList,  but the ArrayList itself is final.


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I'm not sure you will need a whole SoundEvent handler just for block step and break sounds. In net.minecraft.block, those sounds are defined by an anonymous class, SoundType. Surely you would only need to create your own SoundType and pass that to the setStepSound method in your block's constructor?


For insight as to how this works, check out net.minecraft.block. All the SoundType fields are at the very top of the Block class, the implementation is at the very bottom.


I believe the String passed to the SoundType constructor is handled like a ResourceLocation, except the methods in SoundType dumbly prefix the expected sounds with "dig", so you'll need your own class that extends SoundType that doesn't do this.

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I had created my own SoundType. I tried what you suggested, but the only change is that it says "Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:squish" rather than dig.squish.


Also, most of the time the methods in Block.SoundType are called rather than the methods in the SoundType you specify. In fact it only seems to call those methods from the SoundType directly when you place the block. Walking on or breaking the block appear to call Block.SoundType's methods explicitly.


It's funny, the few shreds of information I've found about custom step/dig sounds for specific blocks say something along the lines of: "Not recommended. Just use one of the pre-packaged sounds instead."

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I had created my own SoundType. I tried what you suggested, but the only change is that it says "Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:squish" rather than dig.squish.


Did you override the methods in your custom SoundType class to point to the correct resource location?


Here is a case of the approach I have suggested in action: https://github.com/Pokefenn/Chisel/blob/master/src/main/java/info/jbcs/minecraft/chisel/block/BlockCarvable.java


This is not my code, but it is an open-source example of a mod with custom sound types that uses an extension of SoundType to accomplish custom break and step sounds without the use of a sound event handler. I think you will find that this approach is simpler and with less overhead than a sound event manager.

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That did it; I had a few obfuscated method names I had pulled from MCP src. Also wasn't explicitly overriding for some reason. You saved me some overhead and some time, thanks.


Now I just have to figure out how to randomize the pitch.



Edit: o/t, but do you work with caracals or something? My mother was a handler back in the day, mostly servals, Asian leopards and maus. Fascinating animals.  :P

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I think you could probably randomize pitch without any additional code by taking advantage how the existing sound system works. This isn't something I've tried myself, though.


Provided you're working with 1.7.2 or newer, of course, sounds are loaded based on a few parameters defined in the Sounds.json file: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Sounds.json


I don't work with caracals but I sometimes wish I do. They are very cool.

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Oh, I get it, they use extras of each sound effect and choose which to play at random. For some reason I thought they used a single sound byte and randomized it in pitch and volume. It makes sense, the approach they chose is better for resource pack authors.


Anyway, thanks again.

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