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[SOLVED] Lighting in 1.7.10


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I'm having a bit of trouble doing any lighting effects. Ideally I want to control the light level of a single block or even blockface already in the world, so that I can tell minecraft to make a block in position x,y,z light level 7 or 0 or 15 without effecting the blocks around it. It doesn't matter if the effects are superficial and only last for the next lighting update like a lighting bug (actually that's kind of what I prefer).


I tried using http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,18850.0.html but It only lights up after I log out of the world and then back in. I guess because I am only using the server and update is run on client too? I guess even if I got this working it would not allow me to set the light LOWER than it already is, but it's a start.


Any tips, ideas or suggested reading material? Thanks guys.

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Ok I'm happy enough with what I got. In case anyone else wants to know how to do something like this you ONLY need to use the client world reference.


First I get the light level in the block I change so that I'm not adding a semi pertinent light.

lightSaveVarible = (int) worldObj.getBlockLightValue(x,y,z);


Then make the actual change.

worldObj.setLightValue(EnumSkyBlock.Block, x,y, z, LEVEL OF LIGHT (0 to 15) );


This will light up / darken that block only, but updates can cause this light to spread or this darkness to be overridden so after some amount of time. I don't mind the dark going away, but after a bit of time has past I want to make sure the light isn't spreading so:

worldObj.setLightValue(EnumSkyBlock.Block, x,y,z, lightSave);


I wish I cared enough to dig around in how blocks are updated and actually rewrite the rendering so I can do it right, but I don't and this is good enough.


Edit: oops. Should have been getBlockLightValue not getLightBrightness

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