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I have posted this three times now and the last two times I was pointed to TheGreyGhost.

Let me just say it here.

I know how to make a custom block render.

I do not know how to make one side of the block show dynamic data.

For examples, I mean like CC's monitors.

So once again, NO rendering tutorials, YES how-tos on displaying dynamic data.


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Have you looked at DynamicTexture?  You can supply it with a BufferedImage that you have created pixel by pixel.  Vanilla uses it for a couple of things like the lightmap texture or the map item.


Once you have the dynamic texture, you can display it by binding the texture before rendering the side of your block, you may need to use a tile entity to do it because it seems that changing textures midway through IBSRH doesn't work in 1.7.10 (haven't tried it myself).


I don't know of any how-to or tutorial on DynamicTexture, unfortunately.



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