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FMLDeobfuscatingRemapper unmapping field/method


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is there a way to "unmap" names of field/ method?



I'm using the "IClassTransformer" and want to edit the 2"onUpdate" ("()V") in "EntityItem".

I can "unmap" EntityItem using this method:



but "unmapping" onUpdate is not possible...

i can only map fields/methods

FMLDeobfuscatingRemapper.INSTANCE.mapFieldName(owner, name, desc);

FMLDeobfuscatingRemapper.INSTANCE.mapMethodName(owner, name, desc);


So my question is:

Is there a way to unmap Fields/Methods?

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The MCP names (onUpdate, onBlockActivated, etc.) are not available at runtime outside the dev environment. All you have access to are the SRG names (field_xxxxx_x, func_xxxxx_x) and you can map between those and the "fully obfuscated names" (the names in the original jar file).

How? I will need that, too :D.

FMLDeobfuscatingRemapper.INSTANCE.mapFieldName(owner, name, desc); doesn't work :(, maybe i'm doing it wrong?


If you only want 1 name in your code you need to use SRG names in the code and translate to MCP names in the development environment. I use this class for that: https://github.com/diesieben07/SevenCommons/blob/master/src/main/java/de/take_weiland/mods/commons/asm/MCPNames.java

You will need to update the path to the mappings files for 1.7 though.

I searched for these two files (fields.csv and methods.csv), but couldn't find it for 1.8 :(.


Also i don't understand these lines:

String prop = System.getProperty(SYS_PROP);
if (prop == null) {
mappingsDir = "./../build/unpacked/mappings/";
} else {
mappingsDir = prop;

Does this also work outside of my eclipse environment?

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but this does only work in m eclipse enviroment:

public void replaceOnUpdateMethod(ClassNode node)
	String targetMethodName = "onUpdate";
	String targetDESC = "(Lnet/minecraft/entity/item/EntityItem;)V";

	Iterator<MethodNode> methods = node.methods.iterator();
		MethodNode m = methods.next();
		if ((m.name.equals(targetMethodName) && m.desc.equals("()V")))
			m.instructions.add(new VarInsnNode(ALOAD, 0));
			m.instructions.add(new MethodInsnNode(Opcodes.INVOKESTATIC, "com/creativemd/itemphysic/physics/ServerPhysic",  "update", targetDESC, false));
			m.instructions.add(new InsnNode(RETURN));

I think because it's not a real "link" to the method, but only a string.

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  • 1 month later...

After a little break, i continued working on it and failed :(

I'm using "@IFMLLoadingPlugin.SortingIndex(1001)"

but there is no way i can map an methodname like "interactFirst" to something like "func....".

I tried everything but couldn't find anything which could help me doing it.

FMLDeobfuscatingRemapper is saving these names in "rawFieldMaps", but there is no way i could access them, also it's only saving the SRG names.

So i don't know if this class is able to find the SRG name for a given MCP name.

Could someone help me out?

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