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[1.7.10][SOLVED] Cant access EnergyStorage in a IEnergyHandler from GUI


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I am trying to display a energy bar that shows the total energy I have. I have a tile entity with a IEnergyHandler implementation and I have a single EnergyStorage variable. I am trying to access it from my GUI to make the energy bar, but everytime I access it I get that the energy stored is 0, and when I check the value of the energy stored inside of the TileEntity I get that it is fully charged.


So in summary:

Energy that I get in the TileEntity - 25,600

Energy that I get in the GUI        -  0


Tile Entity - https://github.com/Raizunne/Miscellany/blob/master/main/java/com/raizunne/miscellany/tileentities/TileEntityFoodPackager.java

GUI - https://github.com/Raizunne/Miscellany/blob/master/main/java/com/raizunne/miscellany/gui/GuiFoodPackager.java


Exta - Here's what my machine does! - http://www.gfycat.com/GlumBreakableIbisbill

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One thing to note is that on a server the values you give to sendCraftingToCrafters (I think that's the method I'm not at my ide) is truncated to a short so if your max energy is over 32k you will need to find a way around that. My solution was to divide my energy value by x on the sending side and multipley it by x on the receiving side (x is the minimum value you need to get your max energy under 32k) this isn't as acurate but its close enough for my purpose

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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