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The Obelisk Gaming Project ♦ Seeking Coders


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The Obelisk Gaming Project

Website | Reddit | Teamspeak: obeliskgaming.net



♦ What is the project all about? ♦


Hello, The Minecraft community at Obelisk Gaming wants to create a custom plugin called WarbandZ. It will basically be a MMORTS in Minecraft. I'll explain the basic idea behind this custom plugin.



Players start off as lone nomads coming from far forgotten lands hidden behind the midst of the Bad Seas. You arrive in [spawn Town Name], you have never seen anything like it; you don’t speak the same language as others but that does not stop you. The game's back story allows the player(s) to choose 1 of 3 paths, Empire, City-State, or Horde. Making an Empire is your standard version of the game that allows you to go far beyond your technologies and through the ages to victory; a City-State is for casual players who like to make a large beautiful town and don't really enjoy PvP but you cannot partake in any victory as a lone City State. The Horde or The Barbarian Horde, is similar to an empire but you are at war with everybody and everyone is at war with you, you have stronger troops and war is much cheaper for you but your technology is limited and you can only win through conquest.



♦ Do you think you got what it takes? ♦


The current positions available are listed below, simply click the spoiler button to reveal what each position requires and a application format.





The Coders are the heart, they must be dedicated, thorough, and excellent at their job. Without them the server would never progress. Your job would be to help code the game, this includes tasks such as creating the main API for the plugin and then creating modules that would work with the API. The planned modules so far include: Anti Cheat. Other things such as the Backup Manager, Web API, AI Manager and the Core game will also work with the API. If you have any other questions about this position please include that in your application.



If you are interested in helping us out use the application format below.



Minecraft Username:



Your Age:



What will you contribute to the team?



Do you want to get paid?



Why do you want to join?



Past experience with coding:



Tell me a little about yourself:



Do you plan to be permanent in our staff?










Once you have been selected we will ask for your Skype name just so that we could stay in contact with you. You will also need Teamspeak.



Thank You

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