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[1.7.10] Starfield - Venture to lands out of this world


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Hello! I'm back with my second Forge mod, Starfield!


This mod explores the fictional space between universes in a new way. The base concept was to create a "world between worlds" dimension, including everything from sci-fi to near-magic implemented in a way where they complement each other. For example (this is not planned as part of the mod, it's just an example 'o' ) a Giga-Particle Accelerator Machine Thingy that runs off of Mystical Universe Energy Thing. That combination of sci-fi and near-magic is what I'm going for.


I don't want to throw a "word wall" at you, so here's some screenshots (taken at full brightness)






The next pictures were taken at 'day' time.







Something that you may want to note;

When the sun is underneath the horizon (you could call it 'night' time) it will get dark, really dark. Torches and other light sources will not emit a lot of light then, so it is advised to bring a NV potion. Also it is recommended not to play on Moody. Here is a picture of the brightness at night on different settings:





Download links will be put here when I finish the first version. Other than that, thanks for viewing this post. If you support this mod, upvote it! It will help this mod get publicity, which will help support the mod's development.

Creator of the Starfield Mod.

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