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Minecraft won't launch Forge 1.6.4

Kapone Edge

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Hi I'm trying to play the Halo Craft mod for Windows and I downloaded the proper Minecraft Forge for the mod which is and it runs on Minecraft 1.6.4. I have the mod and I know where to place it, but the game just won't launch the Forge version of the game. I click play and the window closes. The latest version of the game works but not the Forge version. I have Java 7 because I'm running Windows 8 and I have NOT edited the .jar file. Somebody please help I would greatly appreciate it.

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1.6.4 is no longer supported, please update to 1.7.10

If you really want use an old release, you are in your own.


I suggest you anyway to install this mod : http://files.minecraftforge.net/LegacyJavaFixer/legacyjavafixer-1.0.jar

It is very likely that your game runs with Java 8 if you have Java 7 and Java 8 installed, install this mod should fix your problem in this case.


For the next time, don't forget to give us your log.

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