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get the block instance thingy from block


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Hey guys, probably a java question:

When I for example call


and there is a sand block, I want to have "Blocks.sand" as a String. The closest i got to is


but well thats the BlockSand class..


So, basically I got the class X with the variable y in it, how can i get the String "X.y"?

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Well, I'm writing a tool for structure generation, (I know there are a few out there), so basically u hit 2 blocks with a new item and it should give you the java code for all the blocks in between there like:

world.setBlockState(pos, Blocks.sand.getStateFromMeta(..));

So what would you suggest to do?

Can I get the block back from the id?

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This link might help to understand BlockStates and metadata and IDs and such.



Bottom line is - you need to think in terms of IBlockStates, not BlockID and metadata.  The only part of your code that needs to know about the metadata numbers is the Block itself, which provides translation between metadata and BlockState for vanilla saving & loading to disk only.  Everything else uses IBlockStates including other parts of your code that interact with your Block.



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