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Help with "zoom"


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These two events look promising:




They effectively let you push/pop the OpenGL transform matrix before/after the world is rendered, which is probably what you need.

That is, you'd handle those events like this:

onEvent(RenderWorldEvent.Pre event) {
  glPushMatrix(); // Save the current transform "state" of OpenGL
  // Do whatever OpenGl transforms you need to zoom out
  // For example,
  glTranslatef(100f, 100f, -100f);

onEvent(RenderWorldEvent.Post event) {
  glPopMatrix(); // Reset the OpenGL to what it was


Here's a good event tutorial/reference, in case you need it:


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I tried this but the blocks change the localization, not my third person cam :/


Nvm, i got it! thx a lot!!!


I just change a few in your code

If anyone need help, this is mine code:

public void onEvent(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event) {
	GL11.glTranslatef(0.0F, -5.0F, 0.0F);
public void onEvent (RenderPlayerEvent.Post event) {

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You can change the fov with mc.gameSettings.fovSetting = 0F; just change the fov to a large negative number and it will achieve the effect i think you want

Thats really not a good option because not only dose it not do what he wants (he wants to change the camera position not the fov) but it actually changes the fov setting so you have to find a way to store the current value and restore that value when you are done.


That is why forge added FOVUpdateEvent That dose exactly the same thing as changing mc.gameSettings.fovSetting;

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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