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OreDict Absorption Opt-In


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An opt-in rule to allow different kinds of ItemStacks that opted in for absorption for the same OreDict entry to Stack with each other. 

Say you have a Stack of some 34 modA:copperOre in an inventory and add 50 modB:copperore to the Inventory, you would end up with a full 64 stack of modA:copperOre and 20 modB:copperore. 

Naturally a single Item should only ever be allowed to opt in for one absorption.

The absorption is purely Opt-In, so if modC:coppaOOORE is too cool to opt in, because modC is the tightest shit out there, it would not.

Plus the small side fact that not all things even should opt in, say wooden planks.


I have brought this up before and the major concern was "people being retards" and being confused by not getting the items they are supposed to be getting.

To resolve this I propose adding a forge.cfg entry which has to be enabled to allow OreDict Absorption, which is by default is set to false, so inexperienced players don't even get to deal with it and in case of MP, to hand the responsibility over to the server owner.


And finally, a step further would be to allow "default" ItemStack to the config. Set the default ItemStack for the OreDict copperOre to modA:copperOre and any and all ItemStacks ever spawned in the world would be modA:copperOre.


Well then. *dons helmet* let's hear it.

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