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Problem: TE.updateEntity() stops getting called sometimes


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Hi, this is with 1.7.10.


I have a problem with one of my TE's. For some reason (usually after entering the dimension containing the TE) the updateEntity() function is no longer called on it (both server/client side). The TE does return true for canUpdate(). What can I do to ensure my TE starts 'ticking' again after enter the dimension that contains it?



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BTW: Here is the link to the misbehaving TE:




To clarify. It is the checkStateServer() method that is sometimes not called. This method is called from a superclass (GenericTileEntity):


    public void updateEntity() {
        if (worldObj.isRemote) {
        } else {

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Some extra information. It is always ok right after loading the world and it is also ok if I pick up my block and put it back again. I haven't really found a pattern yet. It is probably (and likely) a logic error in my code but I can't see it and putting a 'printf' in the updateEntity() shows that the updateEntity() is not called for some reason.


Edit: also I have only been able to reproduce this on SMP. In single player it always seems to work fine.

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