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Broadcasting station for server..?


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I want to make a Radio like broadcasting station for the forge server to allow one to play music on the server so that the players can hear it. It would replace the existing minecraft music. Also add a voting pull system implemented so players can vote up or down on the next song that will play. Have players be able to see or add suggestions to the playlist. I have tons more to add to this idea but first things first..


I also am experimenting with a few different ways of which this could be done in theory..


1. Can this be done with the help of forge? Or will I need to make this mod entirely separate..

2. Would people use it? Is this idea crap idk need some feedback here..

3. Is anyone willing to help me on this idea, or must I solo it alone..?


Further in detail explanations in plans etc:


Things to do list:


1. Make mod


2. Add voting system


3. Add website to add suggestions too or perhaps have a in game broadcasting building that they can use books to throw into a chest with songs they would like to see added to the server..???


4. Add music and add disclaimer crap..


5. Implement a skip song vote system.


6. Add a reply last song voting system.


7. Get a talk show host going..?


8. Add a disable broadcasting option for users so they don't have to listen to crap if they don't wish too..


9. Add a few different stations perhaps..?


Come up with more ideas to add to this..lol


Bug list: None yet.



What will this work on?: Vanilla server with forge installed on minecraft version 1.7.10


Progress start date: 1/14-2015


Progress status: -Ongoing


I didn't know where to ask or post this so please let me know if anyone thinks I should delete this and repost it under a different thread..


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