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Biome specific ore generation not working.


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I want to create an ore generation in only a few biomes, I don't know how, but it does not work.

Please, take a look at it.


This is the block I wanted to generate.


generateOreSand(Chef.oreSeaSaltOre, world, rand, x, z, 4, 8, 80, 50, 100, Blocks.sand);


This is my code that should generate an ore in a few biomes.


	public void generateOreSand(Block block, World world, Random random, int chunkX, int chunkZ, int minVienSize, int maxVienSize, int chance, int minY, int maxY, Block generateIn) {
	int vienSize = minVienSize + random.nextInt(maxVienSize - minVienSize);
	int heightRange = maxY - minY;
	WorldGenMinableSand gen = new WorldGenMinableSand(block, vienSize, generateIn);
	BiomeGenBase biome = world.getWorldChunkManager().getBiomeGenAt(chunkX, chunkZ);

	if(biome instanceof BiomeGenOcean || biome instanceof BiomeGenRiver || biome instanceof BiomeGenBeach) {
	for (int i = 0; i < chance; i++) {
		int xRand = chunkX * 16 + random.nextInt(16);
		int yRand = random.nextInt(heightRange) + minY;
		int zRand = chunkZ * 16 + random.nextInt(16);
		gen.generate(world, random, xRand, yRand, zRand);


If needed, this is the FULL java file.



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