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server side (admin) mods for forge server


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Hi all




I have a custom modpack and a server for it. The modpack itself works okay so far and my friends tested it quite a bit :)


However, I am missing a few tools (and ideas which tools those might be) to do the following on my (Forge) server:






A player connects to the server and ends up in a room (which was pre-made). That room contains information on how to go on (signs).


Upon (first) connection the player receives a few choosen items (some food, a weapon, a bed, a boat, a straw and liquid ender pearls in a bucket). In order to go outside, he has to drink the liquid ender pearls.


She/he therefore will be teleported somewhere random and starts her/his adventure.


If he should die before being able to put down his bed and sleep in it and ends up at the spawn again, he will be given the same things again....




Issues (it is a forge server, not cauldron/etc):

  •     I need to protect the spawn area so no one can destroy and blocks, but all chests I choose to place there should be accessible.
        I am guessing this could be done with ForgeEssentials and WorldGuard...any other possible mod/ideas?

  •     I need a tool which allows me to spawn some specific items either in the inventory of the player or in a specific chest upon (first) connection of a player or a player being at the specific place (in my case spawn area)
        I have no idea how to solve this issue or which mod might allow me to do that. Any ideas?



    I have not yet tested whether drinking from liquid ender pearls being put on the floor will dissolve them completely or if they will stay behind. I guess I can find that out myself which might alter a few things in the scenario (a ender pearl spring at the spawn, rather than giving out buckets)


The reason I am pointing out that I am on forge, rather than cauldron is, that I'd like to stay on forge....because cauldron (the unofficial port) somewhat lacks behind. However, depending on the mods I am willing to change.




Thank you for your help, any ideas are appreciated

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