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[1.7.10]ColorMod v2.0


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Have you also wanted a fun, colorful set of tools, armor, blocks and custom items that can make your minecraft experience 1000x times better?!


This is the ColorMod with loads of amazing armor sets, magical and powerful tools, blocks and much more!


There are tiers of colors that range from just above iron to god-like weapons and armor.

The tiers are:






What to expect?:

An item that makes you fly

A custom furnace

Colored Hardwood

Colored Stairs

Colored Slabs

Colored Doors

A custom crafting table

9 Custom Tool and Armor Sets

7 Custom Ores and Ingots

9 Custom Blocks

Cryptic Dimension

Cryptic Tree's

Magical Weapons

Craftable Tool Repair

Caves are filled with colorful ores

Your minecraft experience is alot better!


Things to know:

The shiner is what lights the portal to the Cryptic. The Cryptic is made out of rainbow blocks in the same pattern as a Nether Portal.

All tools and armor can be repaired with 1 ingot in the crafting table unless its warm or cool which must be repaired with blocks.

The Cryptic Dimension has no use to this point but will in the following updates

The warm, cool, and rainbow armor sets when equipped fully come with a special effect.

Most of the rainbow tools have magical powers.

When the Cryptic Artifact is in your inventory, you can fly.

Ebonite is used as the Cryptic Infuser fuel.


The rainbow tools

~Can not enchant rainbow tools

~Sword can shoot lightning on right click

~Pickaxe can generate torches on right click

~Axe can break whole tree


Why does this mod make minecraft better:

This mod adds many unique features that vanilla minecraft could never offer. If you have always wanted stuff better than... diamonds! Well then this is the mod for you!


More updates will come:

If you have suggestions please leave them in the comments below! The next update will invole the cryptic dimension and hopefully the adding of new mobs, fixing of possible bugs and much more.


Mods that can make this mod better:


Not Enough Items (Help with recipes)

Optifine (Run's mod faster and minecraft in general)


To see more about this mod and to download go here:


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