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Problem with lighting for rendered item in TESR


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I'm trying to render an ItemStack in my TESR. It works but the problem is that the lighting varies depending on how you look at it. Here you see two screenshots with the view slightly altered. Look at the lighting on the three item stacks:





I have tried various things but I can't get this consistent. Here is the code of the TESR:




and the code for the module that handles the itemstack rendering:




Thanks for any assistance!

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My guess is the "item lighting" since the top face is dark even when the side faces are bright, although it does look like you've done the right things with enabling & disabling it.


I've had similar issues before and the only way I managed to track them down was trial and error enabling/disabling various settings - eg if you disable item lighting and the inconsistency goes away, you at least know it has something to do with that.  You could also try drawing using the tessellator instead of the vanilla item, to see whether the vanilla is somehow messing with it.


Some thoughts on stuff that has caused me similar problems before-

- item lighting on/off

- world "brightness" setting

- changing settings on the tessellator vs using GL11.enable

- rescale normals (used for item lighting)


I have a tool which was some use to me in tracking stuff down - it dumps the state of the enable flags, can also be used for the other opengl settings such as lighting


dumpAllIsEnabled() works; I'm not sure about the rest :|


Good luck with it :)





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