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[Solved!]forge-1.7.10- mcmod.info file problems


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Ok so I have tried multiple things to get the mcmod.info to work but every time I load it to see if it works and it keeps telling me that I need to ask the mod author for a mcmod.info file, So i made sure the modid was the same in all my files and it is. So here is the mcmod.info file.

  "modListVersion": 2,
  "modList": [{
    "modid": "testmod",
    "name": "Tes Mod",
    "description": "Leo's Mod for testing ",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "mcversion": "1.7.10",
    "url": "",
    "updateUrl": "",
    "authorList": [ "Leo" ],
    "credits": "Authored by leo",
    "logoFile": "",
    "screenshots": [],
    "parent": "",
    "requiredMods": [ "Forge" ],
    "dependencies": [],
    "dependants": [],
    "useDependencyInformation": false

~SureShotM/Leo~ gaming coding all around fun!

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What IDE do you use? Do your other assets (textures, lang files, etc.) work?

Where exactly did you place the mcmod.info?


I realized after I posted that I forget some of that information and I apologize its been one of those days, back to the topic though, I use intellij and on occasion I use eclipse, I don't have any textures yet but the lang files do work(the only one I have is the en_US.lang). I put the mcmod.info file into the resources folder(src/main/resources), now I did read some where that this location for it has changed but it didn't mention where. 


I would also like to note that I thought I created the file wrong but I don't think that is the case now

~SureShotM/Leo~ gaming coding all around fun!

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