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[1.8]Adding the Flying Slow-Stop (Also on Ice) to Running as a Boots Enchantment


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So basically I would like to replicate the whole "skating on ice" thing on any surface...  Kind of like when you are flying, too. Can anyone point me to anything useful? Thanks in advance :)


Look at BlockIce and then just apply that to the blocks somehow. (I would check into the EntityMovementEvent or whatever it's called and go from there)

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hmmm lets see...

if you want to do the same thing as ice would do, where would you look?

Oh I know!

The ice codecheesy.gif



That is an almost completely useless answer.


See, the Ice code works on the side of the blocks. What he wants to do is on the side of the player, meaning it is the player (presumably while wearing something) who is going to be "slippery" (I'm assuming)


Turns out that if you want to constantly change the block properties under you, you're only wasting your time.


To answer the OP's question, look here:



See the itemSlime method for a way to make it so the player is all slippery. Mind you, this method executes every tick and leaves blocks untouched. You can use something similar in an event handler, executing in every tick the player has boots with the enchantment or however you're handling the enchantment.

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