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[1.7.10]Item left click actions?


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I've been trying tons of things, but nothing works as I wan't it to. That is:


-you can left click in the air

-it has to keep repeating as long as left mouse button is down

-it needs to work at a good speed (not too much time between checking wether left clicking or not).


Please help me and keep in mind that I'm not too good in coding so...


Sorry for my english and sorry if I somehow insulted you :)







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Use a tick handler or look into this.

As for the link you gave, the only thing i can find is RIGHT_CLICK_AIR, RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK, LEFT_CLICK_BLOCK, i need LEFT_CLICK_AIR, which doesn't exist.

Next, the tick handler, if i want ti to check keys, it needs to be client side, but entity spawning is server side (correct?). Also, how do I only let it check if i click if I'm not in the menu or looking in my inventory or containers or stuff like that?

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