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Prevent forge from changing UUID


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I stumbled upon the solution sometime ago, yet cant find it now. My point is that everytime I run minecraft from eclipse, it assigns a random player name and uuid. How do I prevent that so it launches with constant uuid ? There was a parameter that should have been called somewhere, correct ? Just a hint please ? :)

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-username [username] -password [Password] in the build configs "Program Arguments"


Some friendly advise, if your using some form of source control and publishing it online, make sure not to publish your project data... :)


You know password and all :P


Note: -password is optional, the UUID will not change but will not be the same one Mojang Servers give you.

I require Java, both the coffee and the code :)

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I did as You said, only with uuid, since I'd be checking uuid's internally and want to test if data saved in the world will properly belong to a player that created it, no personal paswords or such...


The -username only starts the game with your Username, the UUID will never change when people use the mod as Mojang gives it to you.


Setting your username will give a constant UUID, albeit still different then the one on the Mojang servers unless you supply the password in your Build Params.

I require Java, both the coffee and the code :)

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