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using an item to extend the players inventory


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I have a concept of an item, it basically extends the player's inventory. (this item links to a chest)

as an example, if the player used a bow but didn't have any arrows, although there were some in the item's linked chest the bow would work and shoot an arrow while using the arrow in the chest.

I don't need to constantly access the chest, as in storage wise, but the player.hasItem functions would return true if the chest had the item.

The proud(ish) developer of Ancients

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I'm probably wrong, because I am reletively new to modding, but as far as I know, what you are looking for isn't really possible.

If I ever say something stupid, or simply incorrect, please excuse me. I don't know anything about 1.8 modding, and I don't know much about entities either, But I try to help when I can.

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Is there any way to add extra slots to the player's inventory? If there is, could I just make the slots off screen, instead of in the middle like they're supposed to be? (kind of like adding 9 slots just off screen to the right, so the player can't access them)

The proud(ish) developer of Ancients

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