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  1. I'm making an entity in 1.8, the entity works but the renderer doesn't. I've been copying the code from the Ender crystal because I want to make it render like the crystal. I tried to just use the ender crystal renderer, but that doesn't work. Also, my entity doesn't have a bounding box for whatever reason (do I need to set this?).
  2. Does anyone know of a good model exporter for blender? I use blender frequently and I want to use it for my models but there's no built in json model exporter. Thanks
  3. My entity does exsist, onUpdate prints a message. Entity: Renderer:
  4. 1.I'm not sure the proper way to check, but I can spawn it in with /summon. 2.I changed that, thanks.
  5. I checked, and it isn't being called. How do I fix it? I've registered it in my client proxy with: RenderManager renderer = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderManager(); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(Artifact.class, new RenderArtifact(renderer));
  6. I'm making my own render class that is based on 'RenderEnderCrystal' and I'm wondering what the proper way to do this is. Currently I'm just copying the class and changing EntityEnderCrystal to my entity but it's not working. This is my render class:
  7. My artifact is basically the EntityEnderCrystal, with the names and a public string called 'research' that's stored in nbt. It also extends EntityEnderCrystal.
  8. The variable would need to be saved between world saves somehow, but it should work.
  9. I'm not sure if worlds have nbt but you could generate the structure once with an IWorldGenerator and then create a tag that says the structure has been built so it doesn't keep rebuilding it. Then again I've never really messed around with a chunk provider so I have no idea if this is possible.
  10. You could try and replace the player model, kind of like the morph mod when you kill another player. (I have no idea how this would work though)
  11. For the weight, I generally put 1 but I honestly have no idea what it does (perhaps it's preference over other generators)
  12. You should have a single class for IWorldGenerator. It has the generate function in it. Make sure you register your generator aswell.
  13. Put the if statement around (new WorldGenMinable(NuclearCraft.uraniumOre.getDefaultState(), 3)).generate(world, random, blockPos). Change the rarity by changing 100 to what ever number you want. The higher, the less chance of it spawning. Just make sure that the second number is less than that number or it won't work. I don't know the rarity of diamond, so I can't tell you what numbers to put in it specifically.
  14. I changed my Entity registry code to: int ArtifactID = EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(); EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(Artifact.class, "AncientArtifact", ArtifactID); EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(Artifact.class, "AncientArtifact", ArtifactID, this.instance, 0, 20, false); The Entity stays in world now. I'm re-using the RenderEnderCrystal class to render my entity, but it isn't rendering anything. RenderManager renderer = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderManager(); RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(Artifact.class, new RenderEnderCrystal(renderer));
  15. Currently, in my structure generator code I have something like: if(RNG.nextInt(100)==50){ //gen code } In theory, this would generate every 100 chunks, one number out of 100. 50 is just a random number. Also I used the random that the function provides you with ('RNG'). Also: this is what my x/z code looks like: int x = (chunkX*16)+RNG.nextInt(16); int z = (chunkZ*16)+RNG.nextInt(16);
  16. 1.No, chunkx/chunkz is the chunk number, not blocks. If you multiplied it by 16 then it would work. 2.It generates every chunk, so it would spawn a vein in every chunk if you didn't use some kind of random statement to limit it. Also, out of curiosity's sake, why do you have a for loop in that code?
  17. After logging out and logging back in, my entity disappears. Anyone know why?
  18. So if I extend EntityEnderCrystal it will render how I want it to, correct?
  19. I have a custom entity that I want to look like a vanilla ender crystal. It's currently rendering as a white cube. It also extends entity.class (do I need to change this to the ender crystal class?).
  20. I'm creating an 'artifact' that essentially looks like the ender crystal and stores a string in it's nbt.
  21. I got it to work after changing random file locations and code.
  22. I essentially have that exact code, except my code doesn't have the extra functions (I make really bad code structure).
  23. Ok, thanks for the entity class. I asked for a tutorial because it looks like a lot of things changed in 1.8 so I assumed that it changed as well.
  24. I want to recreate the entity that heals the dragon in the end, but I have no idea what it's called (in the code) or how to create an entity in 1.8. Is there a tutorial that shows how to create an entity?
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