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[1.7.10] | Rainbow Liquids Mod(v1.3)


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Rainbow Liquid's Mod

By: Wristwatch1



My (first) mod adds 16 Different types of coloured liquid into Minecraft. Each colour of liquid has a different potion effect.


Some are good and some are bad. More stuff will be coming.....Requires Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10

NB: Yes, the current liquids are WAY to OP. They will be nerfed in later versions, this is just until I get my crafting blocks and GUI's done.


Want to track progress? Read my weekly updates at: http://rainbowliquids.tumblr.com/


Got Suggestions? Post them to: https://bitbucket.org/Wristwatch1/rainbow_liquids/issue/3/suggestion-thread



Mod can be Found at:







V1.3: Spectra Crystals!




In an effort to reduce the OP'ness of the Mod, I have sped up the schedule and added Spectra Crystals! These semi-magical gems will (Currently) always drop from (almost) any mob of the same color. Suddenly, Its no so easy to drown your enemies in a pool of black spectra, if you need to kill 16 Wither's for a decent Sized pool. (This system is a major WIP. It will definitely change in later updates to make it even less OP.)





When will you add a config to disable the potion effects?

I wont be adding a config, but I will be doing something to give you liquids that don't have potion effects


Colored Light Core is making my liquid textures break!

This is a Known Issue, due to how CLC is rendering liquids on its side. Me and CptSpaceToaster Recommend you don't use it until he releases a fixed version.


When will Rainbow Liquids be Compatible with [Mod]?

I am trying to make my mod as mod-friendly as possible. The current list of working mods can be found below.


Blah Blah Blah Cauldron Server Blah Blah Blah

Until someone gives me a Error Report, I have no idea whats causing this. Also, I still have no idea what Cauldron is, so there is that.




[spoiler=COMPATIBILITY]Compatible Mods:

  • Buildcraft
  • Colored Lights Core
  • NotEnoughItems
  • Rei's Minimap

If anyone wants to test compatibility, post test results here and I'll add them to this list




[spoiler=CRAFTING]All crafting recipes are currently temporary. They are all shapeless, and consist of:

1 empty bucket

3 bottles of water

1 Spectra Crystal (These are dropped by most Mobs)




[spoiler=GALLERY]by Otter in a Suit




[spoiler=Old Versions]by Yoda4272:



by StaticGripped:



by TacoClone:



by themanwhostaresatcows:






[spoiler=International Videos]Spanish Video by 3040Wilson2









22/02/15: V1.3 released

>Updated to 1.7.10!

>16 new items added (Spectra Crystals)

>Crafting Recipes for liquids updated with the new items

>All of the new items added to most Mob Drop Lists (Based off a mobs color)

>Liquids now using new rendering system. Are now fully Buildcraft compatible

>Updated to be compatible with Colored Light Mod 1.7.10

>Foundations laid for future updates

>[bUG] Some mobs are missing Crystal Drops

>[bUG] Rendering error with liquids when using Colored Light Mod (Issue is with the CLC side)

>Still no config to disable potion effects (Next version may have solution)



07/30/14: V1.2.2 Release

•Added ColoredLightsCore compatibility


•Refined and edited BlockLiquid files


•Liquids now emit Light (Colored if using ColoredLightsCore)


•More overall code refinement



07/03/14: V1.2.1 Release



  • Removed testing Elements
  • A bug with Curse means I needed to reupload the file with a slightly edited code

07/02/14: V1.2 Release

  • Updated to 1.7.2
  • numerous background changes and code fixes
  • Now using Curse for mod Hosting
  • [bUG]Creative Tab inventory is unsorted

09/04/13 V1.1.1 Release

*[FIX]Liquids no longer 'eat' each-other


08/28/13: V1.1.0 Release

*updated to 1.6.2

*Liquids now use new MCForge Fluid API

*Code Optimization

*Liquids no longer form infinite water sources

*[bUG]Liquids will 'fight' each-other when they flow into each-other


07/03/13: V1.0.0 initial release




[spoiler=STILL TO COME]Expect to see:

Code optimization (less Id's, etc.)

Buildcraft and TE Integration

New crafting blocks and GUI

New items used in the crafting

Liquid Light?

Armour sets

Mob drops

Spectra tools and weapons?





88x31.pngRainbow Liquids by Wristwatch1 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You are not allowed to modify or commercialize this work. If you wish to have this mod in a Modpack, please PM me. You can make videos of this mod, if you include the page link in the description.

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