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[1.7.10] Custom Model Resolution


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Is there a way to change the resolution of a custom model?

I am not referring to the size of the texture file, but the resolution

the model is rendered in-game.

Is there a (simple) way to do this?

The TileEntitys are Going to kill us all and take over the entire (Minecraft) world!

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No. If you got Vanilla Minecraft, you got a resolution of 16*16 mpx per Block Surface.

(mpx = Minecraft Standard pixel size, resolution of 16*16 means a pixeldensity of

1 px / 1 mpx)

What i want is a model, that pixeldensity is higher, like 8 px / 1 mpx.

On a mod block it is simple: insert a texture file that has got a resolution of 128*128

pixels. It gets automaticly scaled. But its not the same on a custom model.

Someone who understood that?

The TileEntitys are Going to kill us all and take over the entire (Minecraft) world!

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"You posted under my thread by the name of "Custom Model Resolution".

In your description you are saying you are the Author of Draconic Evolution.

The Block in your mod that is named "Particle Generator" has a model, which parts got

a higher resolution than the standard Minecraft resolution. I am searching for an explanation

how to do that."

I have nothing against PM's but since you already have a thread for this you may aswell use it.



That block uses a higher resolution texture but it involves more then just the texture.

It is also different depending on what type of model you are using.


For a tellelator model (which is what the particle generator is) you just draw a larger portion of the texture sheet.


But im guessing you are probably using a techne model. If that is the case i am afraid i dont know how to change the resolution for that. If i had to guess i would say you could probably just make the model twice the size you want and then reduce its scale by 50% when you render it. That would give toy the equivalent of a 32x texture.

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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