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How do you create a new filled_map via the API?


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So, I am trying to create a new microsoft:filled_map item.  It's pretty easy to make an empty one, or even one that will fill from the world map, but how do I set the contents dynamically?


If the game were offline, I could increment the counter in the idcounts.dat NBT, then create a new maps/map_#.dat file for the new ID, and create the item with the appropriate id set.  However, I'd like to do this online...


Is there an API call that I can use to set the map data (creating the map_#.dat and incrementing the idcounts.dat) from a colors array?


The intention for this is to be able to create a 'picture' (actually a filled map) in game from either an external file, or a view via a 'camera' object, that can be placed in an item frame for display.


Thanks for any suggestions or help...

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Many thanks for the tip.  Your camera mod looks awesome, though it does not generate a filled_map but a custom photo object; if only this were available for 1.7.10 or 1.8 I'd install it immediately.  Fortunately for me, my chosen niche is not yet completely filled, as I'm planning on doing in-game conversion from external jpgs to filled_map objects.  I'll skip the 'camera' object part as you've already done that so well...

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