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OpenGL Error: 1286 (Invalid framebuffer operation)


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From Googling around, it appears this error should be somewhat ancient history...


I just updated to Forge 1.7.10 (from, along with updating several of the mods in my custom mod pack, and when attempting to place a block that displays a "ghost image", my client seems to freeze.  In actuality, it's still running, and just the rendering has frozen - hitting F11 to drop in/out of full screen gets things going again (as long as I have switched to a different item in my inventory).  The message in the thread title is printed to chat, but not spammed.


I've tried reverting to the previous version of the offending mod (Blue Power), but that didn't fix it.  I tried removing OptiFine, and switching OpenGL settings between fast and fancy, that didn't fix it.  I updated my graphics drivers, that didn't fix it.  Tried adding the "-Dforge.forceNoStencil=true" argument, that didn't fix it.


Again, the game doesn't crash, rendering just freezes.  I can get it going again by switching in/out of fullscreen.


Log (2 parts):




Forge 1.7.10

liteloader 1.7.10-04

Java 1.8.0_31 (64 bit)

GeForce GTX 760, 4 GB

GeForce Driver 347.52


DxDiag Log:


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