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[1.8] [Solved] NullPointerException network problem


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I've made a test package to learn IMessage and IMessage handler and it works fine if i play singleplayer and multiplayer but when I try to connect with a second player LAN or server the second player will get a NullPointerException when i try to find the player


Here's the package and handler

public class TestPacket implements IMessage{

private int test;

public TestPacket() {}

public TestPacket(int test) {
	this.test = test;

public void toBytes(ByteBuf buf) {

public void fromBytes(ByteBuf buf) {
	test = buf.readInt();

public static class Handler implements IMessageHandler<TestPacket,IMessage>{

	public IMessage onMessage(TestPacket message, MessageContext ctx) {
				EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) Minecraft.getMinecraft().theWorld.getEntityByID(message.test);
				player.addChatComponentMessage(new ChatComponentText("Awesome!"));
		return null;


how i make the network channel

public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event)
	FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register(new ConfigurationHandler());
	MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new RegisterEvent());

	Network = NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.newSimpleChannel(Reference.NETWORKCHANNEL);
	Network.registerMessage(TestPacket.Handler.class,TestPacket.class, 0,Side.CLIENT);



The package gets send on PlayerLoggedInEvent

public void onEntityJoinWorld(PlayerEvent.PlayerLoggedInEvent event) {


What it calls in my IEEP

	public void SyncWithServer(){
	VampireMain.Network.sendTo(new TestPacket(player.getEntityId()),(EntityPlayerMP) player);


Here's the Log from the second client



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As of 1.8 packets are handled asynchronously. That means: Not on the main minecraft thread.

If you want to interact with the world or players or anything like that from a packet handler you need to pass a Runnable that does the actual work to IThreadListener#addScheduledTask. The IThreadListener implementation is Minecraft.getMinecraft() on the client and the world on the server.

thanks it works now :)


but would that not mean that the first player also should return NullPointerException?


also where can I find some doc on the IThreadListener? can't hurt to read up on it :)

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